International Brit model


Please babies, read about me and my listings carefully: you would love and enjoy it.

  E-LITE. Top US College, Ivy league material. Classy in all her ways. Absolute first-generation Black British European Beauty in her early 20’s. Upscale, professional, discrete. Strictly trained and brought up in a catholic convent mission school in England.Poise, elegant, polished and mature. intellectual and fun personality at the same time. Very cool and popular college cheerleader. Bagged a BA’ in Accounting at 19. __SURPISEE– beautynbrains complete. Currently working as a C.P.A. and pursuing a post graduate degree in business, while earning multiple degrees in the arts, lifestyle and fashion. Do this for the fun of it. Life couldn’t be better.


Enough of me for now. But let me also remind you that I’ve got a foreign African accent.

I’m here looking for a gentlemen to romantically please and pleasure. I do not discriminate based on age, race, looks, class, ethnicity and affiliations. Speak multiple languages and my local indigenous dialects too. Been all over the world. Love travelling around, getting acquitted with new and interesting people, attending concerts, breathing air, and feeling music. Organic nature, Free-spirited, lively, passionate and sensitive. I can guarantee I’ll be the lily rose flower in the garden you would always want to pick up each morning. Me, this first-class civilized lady.

I always smell good and im extra hygienic. Shower no less than 3 times per day.. CHECK. Attend treats to weekly sauna, hunnan and morrocan bath sessions. Wait till I’m beckoning closely to your ears, licking and twirling. The whispers. Kissing on the nape of your neck passionately. Brushing your thighs lightly and squeezing your toes. More screams and moans after the cut..

When it comes to intimacy, I always put the interest of others before mine. That satisfies me utmostly. If you need to cross the border and try something unconventional, I’m the last stop.

Here’s what we’ll do. Upon first contact, even on here, never take me as a stranger. Leave all your worries and anxiety behind, trust me.Treat me as your ultimate fantasy and long perceived mistress, wife, or girlfriend. We are definitely going to connect in the right way, I promise. Sealed lips, close your eyes, make me your Slave, Queen, Princess, Dominant Madame, Godess etc. Check out my sleek costume collection. No cheesy measures. Extreme bdsm

Will put your mind at ease with a relaxing and rejuvenating shower and massage. Firm but soft milky hands. Buttery massage oils.Drop-dead gorgeous lingerie. {Experienced and licescended massage therapist }Perky boobs. All on this super fit hwp bbw body. nice & taut mid-region☆♡¤Cute innie/outtie bellie button. Groomed in using my tongue expertly with my vibrating tongue ring. Also a pro with the other parts of my body and mind. Repping dark chocolate.

I’m just a young girlie barbu looking to go wild crazy with you. Im a freak, everyone knows. Im calm, everyone knows that too.Or if you want it meek and humble, that wouldn’t be a problem. GFE/PSE. Extremely open-minded and willing to break down limits. I have a passion for studying emotions and the body in relation to sexuality. Very deep and keen person. Whatever i do, i do it well and to the best of anyone else’s ability.Willing to explore USssshhhh.., you can’t imagine. not like the other shy girls. Love experiencing people shiver at my amorous advances and sexual prowess.  You’ll come back for more. Jerking, screaming, laciviousness. Let’s make the night a memorable one. Can be the All American girl, did I almost fail to mention that? Typical example of good girl gone bad.

Born to please. ebony Gaga xD.. Experienced, educated and talented adult XXX RATED PORNSTAR.. actions speak louder for me. even Prettier in person. droool, Don’t miss out!!!!! Let’s Rock


Just book and let me know what you want me to be. These alters come in tune naturally and there is also some degree or level of preparedness. Now you can see I’m the best of both worlds.Open to all combinations and gender backgrounds.

I LOVE EVERYBODY, I LOVE FOREIGNERS .’CAN SPEAK GERMAN IF YOU LIKE” -* lassen sie miche schmelzen ihre wachse .Let me know if you need the services of my xxx friends.

Highly reviewed new york’s finest escort. Hoping to meet and have a good experience. Please do not forget to give me an Excellent review and rating. Eyes and minds would be pleased.Contact my baby assistant for Booking. Screening process involved. Eros, P411, date check, TER. Serious enquiries only. No chance for time wasters or no shows. If you sound suspicious or fishy, you would be forever banned or blocked. Respect is VERY reciprocal. Thank you


This ad was posted by one with an intellectually sound mind. Payment is for TIME &COMPANIONSHIP Only. By contacting me, you agree to this condition. Any other thing that may or may not occur is between two consenting adults. You have the joy and fulfillment of watching me model nude and offer strip teases, then we go from there.Highly experienced Brit model, massause, star actress and independent movie producer. Hosted a lot of shows, written a lot of books. Directed a lot of quality first-hand projects. Professionalism at its finest. Same thing and technique I apply in my dealings with people.Looking forward to bigger and greater ideas in future.Most importantly, It’s nothing new that I happen to be a very educated and well versed person. I’ve also got sufficient legal backing and a prominent advisor. I have clean records with no criminal history whatsoever (plan to keep it that way) and take my civil rights nd obligation to an optimum. Self-caution is the watch word. Make room for no mistakes. I’m familiar with international laws and the code of conduct in many environs and countries. I take coaching classes and organize myself carefully before traveling out to any place of choice or destination. I know and understand my current rights in a certain place, depending on my status there. I would be no subject to fear, entrapment and intimidation. I judiciously spend a reasonable amount of my income on legal safety. Should be a priority for you too. Aurevoir

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